Fourth Fridays - In Studio Workshops

Fourth Fridays - In Studio Workshops

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Every fourth Friday of the month  5-7 PM 

Fee: 40$ per session plus materials as noted per class 

Once a month unique workshops covering the coolest and most creative things we come across in our various travels and internet explorations.

We’re going to do denim patching and embroidery, cardboard mask making, Halloween costumes ( and a party!), cosplay, textile dyeing- we haven’t even gotten halfway through our list! Our first two are listed below.


Friday 09/25: Denim Patching and Embroidery

There are so many great ways to personalize your jeans and denim jackets, whether you are actually mending a tear, patching a hole or just doing it for decoration.

In this 2 hour workshop we will explore new and old techniques to turn your denim into unique pieces of wearable sustainable art.

That is right, because each time you patch or darn or mend an old, well-worn garment instead of buying a new one, that’s one less piece in a landfill.

Doing good while looking good, you can’t beat that!



Friday 10/23: Getting Ready for Halloween!!!

Okay-you’ve got one week before Halloween and its time to get moving with your costumes!

We’re offering a two-fer tonight because its important. We have an incredible cardboard mask workshop and also a quick “sew a cape-make some accessories and you’re a super hero-witch-something “  costume workshop for you or your kids.